Join us in supporting Yes on C! For a Better San Diego.  With your help, we can build an incredible coalition. From prominent Democrat and Republican elected leaders; to the Taxpayers Association, the Chamber of Commerce, and organized labor; to Father Joe Carroll and the tourism and hotel industries – San Diego is coming together to support moving our community forward.

Together, we are working to tackle San Diego’s homelessness crisis head-on, repair and repave over 150 miles of our streets, and expand and modernize the convention center – the economic engine of our city.

On March 3rd, the voters decide.  That’s why it’s so important that we spend the next couple weeks talking to everyone we can about why they should vote Yes on C!

  • Yes! For a Better San Diego – which will be presented to voters as Measure C – provides dedicated funding sources for our City’s most pressing issues and there has never been a more broad coalition of San Diegans in support of a measure before – homeless service providers and construction workers, hotel executives and civic leaders, Democrats and Republicans.  Every major hotel industry stakeholder supports the measure because they know its good for our tourism economy. This includes the Hotel-Motel Association, SD Tourism Association, Hotel worker unions, and industry business executives.
  • Measure C will allow the City to address the homelessness crisis in a meaningful way for the first time. It will allow the City to repair hundreds of miles of streets. And it will allow us to expand and modernize the convention center, which will result in thousands of good, blue collar jobs.
  • Measure C raises the hotel tax on visitors, not locals, and it commits the City to using the funds the way they are intended.