Prohibition introduces five new craft cocktails inspired by summertime and reintroduces a local favorite to its menu.

Prohibition’s summer cocktails, each priced at $14, are now available and include:

  • Metro-Sexual Chocolate, made with Dobel Añejo GBOD Single Barrel tequila, cacao, cinnamon and R&D fire bitters;
  • Cardi B’s Knees, a combination of Maximo mezcal, lemon, honey, Chareau aloe liqueur and R&D fire bitters, garnished with a cucumber slice;
  • Donkey Punch, made with Copalli white rum, hibiscus-jalapeño-pineapple syrup, Chartreuse yellow liqueur and lime;
  • Complex Caipirinha, made with Leblon Cachaça, lime, grenadine and açai;
  • Basic Caipirinha, a combination of with Leblon Cachaça, lime and cane sugar;
  • The Balboa, a local favorite made with Henebery rye whiskey, lemon, honey and R&D Sarsaparilla bitters.

Prohibition’s full Diametric Opposition menu, which features spirit-forward cocktails alongside light, refreshing variations, is also available through the summer and includes selections such as Zona Rosa, made with Maestro Dobel GBOD Single Barrel Añejo tequila, Cocchi Rosa, Galliano and orange bitters; Breakfast in Barcá, a combination of Damrak Gin, raspberry, grapefruit, lemon and sparkling wine; and more.